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  • List of Gemstones: Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

    Traditionally, precious stones were the Big Four gemstones — diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Semi-precious stones were everything else. Today, gemologists don''t use these terms because they imply that some gems are better or worth more than others. In fact, some so-called semi-precious stones would be worth far more than so ...

  • Benitoite: The Rarest Gemstone Found Only in California

    Gem quality Benitoite can be worth more than Diamonds, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald or Tanzanite. A clean, rare 1 carat cut benitoite sells between $6500 and $8000, depending on color, cut and clarity. The cost increases greatly as the size of the cut stone increases due to the rarity of large facet grade crystals.

  • Colored Stones: Guide to Gemstone Groups and Gem Types ...

     · Spodumene is another gemstone group that belongs to the pyroxene mineral group. Transparent gemstone quality spodumene ranges in color from completely colorless to yellow, pink to violet, and yellowish-green to medium-deep green. Its color is known to naturally fade over time. Industrial grade spodumene is used as an important source of lithium.

  • Gallery of fine mineral specimens for sale priced between ...

    Below is a gallery of fine mineral specimens for sale priced between $100-$199 available from John Betts - Fine Minerals in New York City, NY. While these are the best on this site, many more minerals for high-end collectors are available from the separate stock reserved for mineral shows. This is a photographic gallery of museum quality fine ...

  • Gemstone

    A gemstone or gem material is a stone or material from which a gem may be cut. Gems are used for personal adornment, display, or in manufactured objects of art because they possess beauty, rarity, and durability. Arkansas has within its borders several stones or materials which, by popular definition, are considered gemstones.

  • A List of the Most Rare Gemstones in The World (UPDATED ...

     · Bixby discovered Red Beryl in the Wah-Wah Mountains in Utah in 1904. About 95% of the stones found each year are of lower grades. Very few crystals are of gem quality, and those are kept by mineral collectors and never faceted. Red Beryl can be red, deep rose or raspberry pink in color.

  • A List of Minerals and Gemstones Found In ARIZONA!

    A List of Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones Found In Arizona. Arizona is one of the best states in the United States for rockhounds. So much so that one of the worlds most famous rock and gem shows takes place here every year.

  • Gemstone Crystal Gallery – Quality Gems, Stones & Crystals

    Crystals & Gemstones. Here you can view and purchase a beautiful array of high quality crystals, minerals and gemstone specimens carefully hand chosen to offer you the best healing energies. If you don''t see what you are looking for, I have a huge assortment of crystals and gemstones not shown here. Email me, I may have what you are looking for.

  • Arizona Gemstones

    When the mineral olivine is of gemstone quality, it is known as "peridot." It is a bright yellow-green to dark green gem material that can be cut into beautiful faceted stones. Arizona is the world''s leader in the production of gem-quality peridot. Most of it is produced from the Peridot Mesa and Buell Park areas of the San Carlos Reservation.

  • Rough Stones, minerals and gems Brazil

    VR stones is a rough stones, minerals and gems exporter company of Brazil.We work with many types of stones, minerals and gemstones mined over here in Brazil. The rough stones are washed, and classified accurately by grade, then sealed in bags of 50 kilos. We are rigorous with the control of quality of our rough stones.

  • The Crystal Man | Wholesale Crystals, Gems, Jewelry & Fossils

    The Crystal Man offers crystals, minerals, fossils, jewellery, and unique specimens from around the world. Our products are specially chosen for their quality, beauty, energy, and uniqueness. We strive to provide the best product for the best price. We specialize in raw crystals, tumbled stones, jewellery, fossils, minerals, polished and ...

  • Gemstones: Facts, photos, and information for over 100 gems.

    Sugilite is a rare mineral and a gemstone best known for its vibrant pink to purple color. Zoisite. Zoisite is a diverse gem. Tanzanite, thulite and anyolite are three of its gem varieties. ... Canadian Diamond Mines produce some of the largest and highest quality diamonds! Diopside. Chrome Diopside is a green gemstone that is often used as an ...

  • What''s the Difference Between Minerals and Gemstones?

    Both minerals and gemstones have their own science.The science of minerals is called mineralogy and gemology is a branch of mineralogy. Minerals occur naturally in the earth''s crust and are defined as inorganic solids that have characteristic chemical composition and crystalline structures.With over 2000 known minerals, each has its own definite chemical composition.

  • Minerals and stones | Etsy

    1 lb A Quality Tumbled Stones,Assorted All Natural Mix Bag,Reiki Stones,Crystal Mineral Gemstones,Polished Stones,A Quality HeavenlyHollowDist. From shop HeavenlyHollowDist. 5 out of 5 stars (2,509) 2,509 reviews $ 12.95. Favorite Add to ...

  • Alphabetical List of Precious and Semiprecious Gemstones

     · A gemstone is a crystalline mineral that can be cut and polished to make jewelry and other ornaments. The ancient Greeks made a distinction between precious and semiprecious gems, which is still used. Precious stones were hard, rare, and valuable. The only "precious" gemstones are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

  • Gallery of museum quality fine mineral specimens for sale ...

    Top-Quality Minerals for Advanced Collectors - Minerals For Sale over $1000 Below is a gallery of the very best mineral specimens for sale on this site over $1000 from John Betts - Fine Minerals in New York City, NY. This is a photographic gallery of museum quality fine minerals and gems for world class mineral collections priced over $1000.

  • Minerals and Crystals Wholesale in Bulk – Gem Center USA ...

    We have been supplying the world with geodes, jasper, agates, calcite, cabochons, minerals, crystals, gemstone jewelry and other rough materials since 1967. We also own and operate the Las Choyas Geode Mine located in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. This mine is the world''s leading source of the high quality break open geodes.

  • All Gemstone Meanings & Crystal Properties | Beadage

    Gemstone Meanings & Crystal Properties. Learn about healing gemstones with this chart of stone meanings. Here is our guide to the most commonly used precious stones and semi-precious gemstones, crystals, and minerals and a list of their metaphysical symbolism, healing properties, powers, and spiritual meaning.

  • List of U.S. state minerals, rocks, stones and gemstones ...

    In 1986, California named benitoite as its state gemstone, a form of the mineral barium titanium silicate that is unique to the Golden State and only found in gem quality in San Benito County. [73] ^ Colorado is the only state whose geological symbols reflect the national flag''s colors: red (rhodochrosite), white (yule marble), and blue ...

  • Top quality Emerald crystal Photo: @georgiostones | Stones ...

     · Jan 4, 2018 - Top quality Emerald crystal Photo: @georgiostones. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. ... Minerals And Gemstones Crystals Minerals Rocks And Minerals Stones And Crystals Gemstone Brooch ...

  • ExquisiteCrystals: Healing Crystals, Minerals, Tumbled ...

    Exquisite Crystals is home to the highest quality and most reasonably priced healing crystals and minerals on the web. Exquisite Crystals was founded by John Van Rees in 1999 in an effort to bring the world of healing crystals to a broader community. Exquisite Crystals'' mission is to introduce the healing energy and power of crystals to people ...

  • Diamonds for Sale

    But this only goes for the rough stones, like ones you can find in this collection dubbed uncut diamonds for sale. At Village Minerals, we mine diamonds from their natural reservoirs in DR Congo to bring them for you in their unadulterated beauty. All our stones are rough, meaning they have not been polished, cut, or otherwise processed.

  • Popular Minerals For Collectors | Gem Rock Auctions

    A mineral specimen is a solid form, formed through a geological process with a mixture of chemical compositions. Minerals can be pure elements or a variety of silicates. The study of minerals is known as mineralogy, and many collectors enjoy building up collections of mixed rocks mineral. Fluorescent minerals …

  • westerngem

    westerngem . For over 35 years, Leslie and I have been buying and cutting rough gemstones. Now, with a network of trusted suppliers we''re offering you top quality facet rough, cut gemstones and quality faceting machines and supplies. If you need any of these, …

  • Cleavage: Mineral Properties

    If a mineral has Perfect Cleavage, One Direction; Poor Cleavage, Two Directions, this means that the mineral has perfect cleavage on two sides, and poor cleavage on the other four. In this guide, cleavage quality is measured in numbers, then the amount of sides, separated by a comma. 1 is perfect cleavage, 2 is good cleavage, and 3 is poor ...

  • Madagascar Rough

    Rough Minerals and Gems from Madagascar. Madagascar Rough and Madagascar cutting material. Our Madagascar rough is Mine-Direct from The Norcross Madagascar quarries to you. Wholesale quantities welcome. We sell from retail to 20 ton container quantities. Please contact a Madagascar Minerals sales representative (520) 882-8884 for more information.

  • Crystals and Stones UK

    Crystals and Stones UK - Buy Quality Minerals, Fossils and Gemstones. WELCOME TO CRYSTALS AND STONES UK. A curator of beautiful crystals, minerals, gemstones and fossils. . The shop is presently closed while the website is being redesigned, but please do browse the site for information about the wonderful crystals, stones and minerals.

  • Fine Gallery

    A rare mineral, Autunite, first discovered near Autun France in 1852 occurs as an oxidation product of uranium minerals in granite pegmatites and hydrothermal deposits. It is famous for its beautiful florescent color under UV light. Autunite is a radioactive specimen and contains very small amounts of Uranium.

  • The Gem Quarry Store, Where only the finest gem rocks gather.

    We offer highest quality crystals, unusual rocks, minerals, gem carvings, gemstones and jewelry selected for certain features, chosen by a trained artistic eye. Our many years of professional and gemological experience continue to guide us in our quest for the best gemrocks the mineral …

  • Gemstones & Healing Stones Meanings

    The Power of Gemstones. At Energy Muse, our gemstones and crystals have healing properties that help to balance the body, mind, and spirit. Healing crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations; the Egyptians, Aztecs, and others incorporated healing stones into jewelry, cosmetics, decorative statues, amulets, and much more--a testament to the …

  • Quality gemstones, minerals & jewelry right from the source!

    Cart 0. Quality Gemstones, Minerals, Crystals & Gemstone Jewelry right from the Source! Free Shipping on orders over $100. Enter code FREESHIP100 at checkout. Orders are taking about 1 week to ship. Thank you for your patience and support! *New* 6mm Gemstone Bead Bracelet Sets added in the Bracelet section!!!

  • Quality Minerals LLC – Serving Denver since 1956

    QUALITY MINERALS, LLC. Since 1959 we''ve been supplying our clients across Colorado with the highest quality deicing and water softening solutions available. With over 25,000 square feet of indoor storage whether you''re buying buy the truck load or the pallet, all of our products arrive at your door with zero previous weather exposure.

  • Natural AAA Quality Aquamarine Rock Minerals Specimen For ...

    Feb 24, 2021 - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Natural AAA Quality Aquamarine Rock Minerals Specimen For Cabbing TC09 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

  • Pikes Peak Rock Shop

    Wholesale mineral dealer offering crystals, fossils, jewelry, gemstones. Large variety of agate, amethyst, Brazilian stone, etc., products. Display cases.

  • Minerals & Crystals For Sale

    Polished Agates - Banded agates are extremely popular right now and we have a wide selection of them from many different locations. Agates are a variety of microcrystalline quartz that grows inside a cavity within a rock. The banded patterns that are produced are a record of the changes in the chemistry of the fluids that are depositing minerals on the walls of the cavities.

  • Rough rocks

    BELOW WHOLESALE pricing on quality rocks and gemstones. We are the largest dealer of rough gemstones in Pennsylvania. Hundreds of different kinds of rough available. We wish to thank all of our repeat customers for their overwhelming support and we welcome all new customers to give us a try. You won''t be disappointed.

  • Naturally Alkalizing Mineral Stones | Conscious Water

    Naturally Alkalizing Mineral Stones: Will add trace minerals to your purified water such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. This absorption of minerals from stones recreates the natural effect of the rocks that line fresh mountain streams, creating delicious, fresh tasting water.

  • Quartz: The gemstone Quartz information and pictures

    All forms of Quartz are used as gemstones, and they are all affordable. They are cut into various gemstone cuts and cabochons, and used in all forms of jewelry. Lesser quality stones are often tumbled for use in bracelets, necklaces, and as costume jewelery. Large spheres and carvings are also cut from all the Quartz forms.