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    It goes without saying that the way your facility looks is a reflection on you. That''s why we provide expert services, such as surface repair, refinishing, and restoration, sealing and protection, deep cleaning and sanitizing, and more, for a wide range of surfaces, including marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, slate, granite, tile and grout, concrete, vinyl and linoleum, and metal.

  • Stone Sculptures for Sale

    Contemporary Stone Sculpture. Stone sculpture makes a unique and powerful statement in a home or landscape setting. You can purchase a stone sculpture shown here, or commission a sculpture to fit your particular needs.

  • Limestone | Types, Properties, Composition, Formation, Uses

    Lithographic limestone is a type of limestone that contains fossils. Powered limestone is used in coal mines as a safety precaution because it absorbs pollutants. It can also be used on roofs to prevent or reduce weather or heat related roof damage. Its turns into the metamorphic rock marble when subjected to high amounts of pressure and heat.

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    Marble and Limestone Collection. Honeycomb. Pearl Series

  • Meta Marble & Granite

    Meta Marble & Granite is an industry leader in natural stone slab, tile and mosaics located in Seattle, WA.

  • Stone Anchors | Mustang Metal & Supply Co. | Houston TX

    Mustang Metal & Supply Co. anchors are fabricated on site with stainless steel, plain, and hot dip galvanized finishes. Whether you are trying to anchor to granite or marble or some masonry surface, trusted anchors are a must. We''ve been fabricating stone anchors and different types of …

  • Marble Systems | Marble Tiles, Travertine Tiles for ...

     · Marble Systems has a wide range of products from marble tiles to ceramic flooring materials. Start by reviewing popular product categories to find the right product for your project. Marble Systems, always producing high quality tiles, mosaics and flooring materials, will provide you with the most suitable product for your project.

  • Thin Stone Wall Systems | WBDG

     · Thin stone wall systems used for exterior building envelopes typically consist of stone panels ranging in thickness from 3/4 inches to 2 inches. Most panels are fabricated from granite, while marble; limestone, travertine, and sandstone are also used to a lesser extent. A common panel thickness is 1-3/16 inch (3 cm).

  • Travertino Tiles | Metal | Matte | 12x12 | 8 Sft per Kit ...

    Buy all types of Travertino Tiles - Travertine, Slate, Granite, Marble, Limestone, Quartzite, Pebble and more only at Tilesbay, Call for more details 855-740-5157 ...

  • Granite

    Cactus Stone is a direct importer of granite, marble, slate, travertine, onyx, and limestone natural stone slabs for granite countertops and other applications. We also offer a unique collection of exotic and semi-precious stone slabs.

  • Marble, Limestone and Soapstone slabs

    Marble, Limestone. & Soapstone Slabs. From Michelangelo''s David to the Taj Mahal, marble has been the stone of choice for sculptors and architects in many of the world''s great works of art. Marble is elegant, dramatic and lustrous. You have seen marble''s subtle veining and its special reflective play of light that adds a distinct ...

  • Restoration Stoneworks | Marble, Stone and Tile Cleaning ...

    Do you have marble, limestone, granite or other natural stone that has lost its shine or has become otherwise damaged? Are your tile and grout surfaces due for some serious attention? Restoration Stoneworks has been serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Chicago area with restoration services for over a decade.

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  • Marble

    Marble Marble is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone is exposed to high temperatures and pressures. Marble forms under such conditions because the calcite forming the limestone recrystallises forming a denser rock consisting of roughly equigranular calcite crystals. The variety of colours exhibited by marble are a consequence of minor amounts of impurities being incorporated with the ...

  • Marble Collection | Arena Stone NJ

    Browse our large marble selection in our online natural stone gallery. Contact us today for more information. 201-531-0600.

  • Marble Rock: Geology, Properties, Uses

     · Marble is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone is subjected to high pressure or heat. In its pure form, marble is a white stone with a crystalline and sugary appearance, consisting of calcium carbonate (CaCO 3) ually, marble contains other minerals, including quartz, graphite, pyrite, and iron oxides.These minerals can give marble …

  • Can Marble Withstand High Heat?

    Marble actually begins as limestone, and is mixed with other materials and minerals at these extremely high temperatures. Until combined with other available minerals in this state, marble is just limestone, another natural stone. ... While your pizza dough may only hit about 400 degrees, any metal serving platters may go much higher.

  • Dome & Pencil Natural Stone Liners | Arizona Tile

    3/4 x 12. 1/2 x 12. Finishes: Honed. Polished. Product Information. Offered in various marble products, these dome liners are a wonderful option for trim at a full twelve inches in length. It is important to note that with most stone materials, there can be noticeable variances between pieces, so it is important and recommended that a range of ...

  • Marble Rock: Geology, Properties, Uses

     · Marble is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone is subjected to high pressure or heat. In its pure form, marble is a white stone with a crystalline and sugary appearance, consisting of calcium carbonate (CaCO 3) ually, marble contains other minerals, including quartz, graphite, pyrite, and iron oxides.These minerals can give marble a pink, brown, gray, green, or variegated coloration.

  • Marble

    Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite.Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions geology, the term marble refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stonemasonry more broadly encompasses unmetamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material


    Complete Stone Metal & Wood Restoration - Polishing and Sealing - Scratch and Stain Removal - Grout Repairs.. MARBLE - GRANITE - TERRAZZO - TRAVERTINE - LIMESTONE - SLATE. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles . 1-800-66MARBLE FREE ESTIMATES A …

  • Natural Stone Institute

    Formerly Marble Institute of America and Building Stone Institute. Find resources, education, standards, and technical specifications for the stone industry.

  • Texas Limestone I Cobra Stone Inc

    Browse our selection of natural Texas limestone below. Click on the images below to view a larger display. Austin Brown 4″-12″. Austin Brown 4″-12″. Blue Berry Flagstone. Blue Berry Flagstone. Blue Marble 4″ 6″ 8″. Blue Marble 4″ 6″ 8″. Blue Moon 4″ 6″ 8″.

  • Natural Stone Panels, Limestone Wall Panels, Exterior Wall ...

    Biesanz Stone exterior stone wall panels are made into limestone walls made from Minnesota Dolomite Limestone. The stone wall panels consist of a fabricated natural limestone wall panel attached to heavy gauge steel studs to form an exterior stone wall panel. Contact Biesanz Stone today …

  • Marble – Enzo Tile

    Product Material / Marble. Filter. Showing 1–20 of 164 results. Type Mosaic 261 Moulding / Liner 31 Paver / Coping 5 Tile 22. Material Marble 164 Travertine 62 Porcelain 52 Basalt 17 Pebble 12 Glass 11 Metal 9 Limestone 4. Size 12" x 12" 107 6" x 24" 18 1" x 12" 13 11.4" x 9.84" 9 …


     · Rust stains can be quickly and effectively removed from marble and limestone with the use of non-acidic chemicals. There are 2 products I use to remove rust stains from marble without damaging it. Both are easy to apply and are safe to use on polished marble. They are also safe to use on other types of natural stones like Limestone (Including Travertine), Sandstone, Onyx and Slate.

  • Marble Selections Archives | Patara Stone

    Marble Selections When centuries of high heat and pressure are added to limestone, it crystallizes to become marble. The tight crystalline structure makes this stone more durable than limestone and travertine, but softer than granite. Marble can also take a very high polish, allowing its characteristic swirls and veins of color shine. Patara Stone Marble comes in a variety of earth''s finest ...

  • Marble Slabs and Tiles

    Marble. We quarry our curated selection of marble tile and slabs both domestically and internationally. We source a premium grade of material and purchase blocks and slabs only after a thorough inspection process. While other materials may be available with the same name, the quality may vary; we advise you to compare the quality of the actual ...

  • Yule Marble

    Yule Marble is a marble of metamorphosed Leadville Limestone found only in the Yule Creek Valley, in the West Elk Mountains of Colorado, 2.8 miles (4.5 km) southeast of the town of Marble, Colorado. First discovered in 1873, it is quarried underground at an elevation of 9,300 feet (2,800 m) above sea level—in contrast to most marble, which is quarried from an open pit and at much lower ...

  • Repair and Maintenance of Historic Marble and Limestone ...

    Repair and Maintenance of Historic Marble and Limestone Structures: Regular Maintenance Key to Longevity - By Arthur L. Sanders, AIA and Lawrence E. Keenan, AIA, PEHoffman ArchitectsWhether you''re thumbing through the pages of a history book or surfing the web, it''s easy to see that stone is a lasting testament to architecture through the ages.

  • Marble, Limestone, Granite, Polishing ...

    We clean, polish, repair, restore and protect marble, granite and other natural stone, terrazzo, concrete, solid surface, and quartz. We also restore the finish on metal surfaces. One underlying principle drives all of our work. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Some contractors bid low and cut corners.

  • Natural Stone Tile | Daltile

    Natural stone surfaces are floors, walls, and countertops covered by naturally-formed stone (not man-made material). At Daltile, we offer natural stone marble, granite, limestone, travertine, quartzite, soapstone, and slate in multiple tile sizes, extra-large slabs, trim, mosaics, and decorative tile. Natural stone surfaces infuse opulence into ...

  • Topcu Tile + Stone

    A family owned and operated enterprise, Topcu believes building relationships is the key to success. It is those relationships with our overseas partners that allow us to bring you the most unique and beautiful products in travertine, marble, limestone, onyx, slate, cast metal & stone, glass, ceramic, and porcelain.


    marble table top, marble threshold, marble Egypt, marble supplier, marble effect tiles, black marble tile, marble factory, marble slab prices we offers to you all productes in all dimensions and all finishes such as; Egyptian Polished Marble, Tumbled Marble, Honed Marble, Acid Wash Marble, Bush-hammered, sandblasted, Flamed….etc.

  • Marble Dining Tables, Granite Dining Tables, Stone Dining ...

    Indulge your traditional side with the choice of rectangular marble, granite, and stone dining tables. Bring home your own little piece of dining heaven, with bold metal legs or a storage pedestal. A storage pedestal with a rounded marble table top will prove quite handy when it …

  • Marble Slab Reinforcing (Meshing, Rodding & Substrate Methods)

    This method is attaching and gluing a marble table to a plywood or metal base. The plate supporting is widely used on Knoll tables. The wood substrate method is often used on custom or "made in-home" tables. On commercial areas like a store, restaurant, pizzeria, etc., you can find a counter supported by stainless steel bases and frames.

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    Over 24,000 products including Marble, Limestone, Onyx, Shell, Mosaic, Inlay, Metal, Timber & more.

  • Marble Archives | Patara Stone

    Material. Marble Travertine Porcelain Infused Resin Limestone Basalt Glass Metal Pebble Ceramic. Color Family. Gray/Silver Gray/Silver Earth/Brown Earth/Brown White White Beige Beige Cream Cream Ivory Ivory Yellow Yellow Black Black Red Red Taupe …

  • Stone Bathroom Sinks | Stone Vessel Sinks

    From Carrara Marble to Limestone, our natural stone bathroom sinks boast superior quality and impeccable style. Crafted by master artisans, they boast designs that are completely one of a kind, so you can give your bathroom a special touch. Shop our assortment of travertine, marble and onyx vessel sinks now to save a ton of money and to enjoy ...

  • Marble: Metamorphic Rock: Pictures, Definition, Properties

    Meta Marble & Granite is an industry leader in natural stone slab, tile and mosaics located in Seattle, WA.

  • 16.12: Acid rain

     · Acid–base reactions can have a strong environmental impact. For example, a dramatic increase in the acidity of rain and snow over the past 150 years is dissolving marble and limestone surfaces, accelerating the corrosion of metal objects, and decreasing the pH of natural waters.

  • Marble Countertops | Marble Slabs & Tiles | Arizona Tile

    Marble is ideal for interior, residential, and commercial floors, cladding, fireplaces, kitchens, baths, and more. Explore Arizona Tile''s 45+ shades and styles to find the marble perfect for your next project. Transform your space with the timeless beauty of marble slabs and tiles. Created by the re-crystallization of limestone under extreme ...