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  • Zimbabwe: Mining, Minerals and Fuel Resources

    Zimbabwe has abundant natural resources including diamond, gold, coal, iron ore, chromium ore, vanadium, asbestos, nickel, copper, lithium, tin, and platinum group metals. Overview of Resources Diamond, old and platinum-group metals (PGMs) have been the most economically significant natural resources out of 30 or so minerals and mineral-based ...

  • Cyprus Amax Minerals Company -

    Established in 1993 through the merger of Cyprus Minerals Company and Amax Inc., Cyprus Amax Minerals Company is the largest U.S.-owned mining company. Cyprus Amax is the world leader in the production of molybdenum and lithium and a leading producer of copper and coal. Cyprus also produces iron ore and gold.

  • Critical Minerals Sustainability | netl.doe.gov

    The Rare Earth Elements (REE) from Coal and Coal By‐Products RD&D Program consists of five core technology areas that are focused on development of REE separation and recovery technologies, addressing the current global REE separations market and process economics, and demonstrating the generation of environmentally benign REE separation processing capabilities.

  • Chief Inspector of Mines

    mineral and coal mines, and gravel pits and quarries. The Chief Inspector of Mines is the statutory deci-sion maker named in the Mines Act. The Mines Act applies to all mines during exploration, development, construction, production, closure, reclamation and abandonment. The Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines

  • Office of the Chief Economist

    The Resources and Energy Quarterly contains the Office of the Chief Economist''s forecasts for the value, volume and price of Australia''s major resources and energy commodity exports. A ''medium term'' (five year) outlook for Australia''s major resource and energy commodity exports is published in the March quarter edition of the Resources and Energy Quarterly.

  • Department of Mines and Geology, Government of Jharkhand

    Jharkhand is endowed with vast resources of a variety of minerals and occupies a prominent place in the countrys as a mineral rich State. Abundant reserves of high-grade Iron ore, Bauxite, Chromite, Manganese ore along with other minerals such as Coal, Limestone, Dolomite, Tin, Nickel, Vanadium, Lead, Graphite, Gold, Gemstone, Diamond ...

  • Leadership Team | BHP

    Prior to joining Newmont in 2011, Mr Goldberg spent 30 years at Rio Tinto where he held senior executive roles, most recently as President and Chief Executive Officer of Rio Tinto Minerals Inc., and in leadership roles in Rio Tinto''s coal, gold, copper and industrial minerals …

  • Mining and Minerals | The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History ...

    The monetary value of all minerals produced since 1907 statehood stood at $750 million in 1958, rose to $2.26 billion by 1975, and through 2002 totaled $209 billion. In the year 2002 the combined value of petroleum, coal, and nonfuel minerals produced in Oklahoma was about $6.7 billion. It had reached a high of almost $11 billion in 1982 and ...

  • Minerals Program | Oklahoma Department of Mines

    The Minerals Division monitors and investigates complaints for Non-Coal Mining and Non-Mining Blasting activities throughout the State of Oklahoma. Although the law states that written complaints be investigated, the Division responds to all received complaints whether written, oral, or filed on the Department''s website.

  • South Africa: Mining, Minerals and Fuel Resources

    South Africa is rich in natural resources such as gold, chromium, coal, nickel, iron ore, antimony, manganese, phosphates, beryllium, rare earth elements, uranium, vanadium, diamonds, platinum, tin, copper, natural gas and salt. South Africa remains the world''s largest manufacturer of platinum, with a 68.32% contribution to the total world ...


    Welcome to Kerwa Coal Limited. Kerwa Coal Limited (KCL) is a Joint Venture Company of Chhattisgarh Mineral Development Corporation Limited(CMDC) & Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation Limited(MPSMC), registered under the Companies Act, 1956. Govt of India has allocated Kerwa coal block jointing to CMDC and MPSMC on 07.11.2013.

  • Learn About Wyoming Coal Mining.

    Coal. Wyoming, the nation''s leading coal producer since 1986, provides about 40% of America''s coal through the top 10 producing mines located in the Powder River Basin. Most Wyoming coal is sub-bituminous, which makes it an attractive choice for power plants because it has less sulfur and burns at around 8,400 to 8,800 BTUs per pound.

  • Garold R. Spindler, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at ...

    Coronado Coal LLC engages in acquiring, developing and operating coal properties. It develops and maintains mining companies for acquisition, production and domestic shipment and export of mid/low volatile metallurgical coal. The company was founded by Garold Spindler and James Campbell in August 2011 and is headquartered in Way Beckley, WV.

  • Minerals

    Colorado contains an abundance of mineral resources. The state has a long history of mining that started during the 1858 Colorado Gold Rush (also known as the Pikes Peak Gold Rush) before the area was established as a territory. As several southern states left the Union in the early 1860s, the Territory of Colorado was […]

  • Sinead Kaufman, Chief Executive-Minerals at Rio Tinto Plc ...

    Sinead Kaufman is on the board of Diavik Diamond Mines (2012), Inc. and Chief Executive-Minerals at Rio Tinto Plc. She previously was Managing Director at Rio Tinto Coal Australia Pty Ltd. She received an undergraduate degree from the University of Birmingham and a …

  • Management Team | OZ Minerals

    Head Office. Street Address 2 Hamra Drive Adelaide Airport SA 5950. Postal Address PO Box 248 Adelaide Airport SA 5950. Telephone: (61 8) 8229 6600 Facsimile:

  • Arch Mineral Corporation -

    Arch Mineral Corporation is a private coal company owned in equal parts by Ashland Oil Company and the Hunt family. From its headquarters in the St. Louis, Missouri, suburb of Creve Coeur, it oversees a nearly completely decentralized system of mines in Wyoming, …

  • Minerals Council of Australia

    About the Minerals Council of Australia. The MCA is the leading advocate for Australia''s world class minerals industry, promoting and enhancing sustainability, profitability and competitiveness. The MCA represents a world-leading minerals sector that is dynamic, diverse, sustainable and valued by all Australians. Read more.

  • The Captain''s Dying Hours | Coal Age

     · In 1969, Southwestern was purchased by Arch Mineral Corp., which later became Arch Coal. The gigantic shovel''s dimensions and specifications are hard to comprehend. Its operating weight, estimated to be some 15,000 tons, was more than double the weight of the Silver Spade (Bucyrus-Erie 1950-B, last operating stripping shovel at 105-yd 3 ...

  • AP 42 11.9 Western Surface Coal Mining

    10/98 Mineral Products Industry 11.9-1 11.9 Western Surface Coal Mining 11.9.1 General 1 There are 12 major coal fields in the western states (excluding the Pacific Coast and Alaskan fields), as shown in Figure 11.9-1. Together, they account for more than 64 percent of the surface minable

  • Coal Slag, Specialty Abrasives & Fillers ...

    US Minerals offers a complete range of coal slag and iron silicate media for roofing applications. Proud producer of Black Diamond Abrasives blasting media.

  • Compass Minerals Appoints New Chief Executive Officer ...

     · Crutchfield joins Compass Minerals with more than 30 years of mining experience, most recently as CEO of Contura Energy, Inc., a publicly traded, leading coal producer.

  • China: Mining, Minerals and Fuel Resources

     · China is rich in mineral resources such as rare-earths, zinc, tungsten, tin, talc, phosphate rock, magnesium, lead, iron and steel, graphite, fluorspar, coal, cement, and aluminum. Its major exports include tungsten, rare earths, indium, graphite, fluorspar, barite, and antimony. About 25% of the total trade in the country is generated through ...

  • The plan to turn coal country into a rare earth powerhouse ...

     · The plan to turn coal country into a rare earth powerhouse With plans for a Made-in-America renewable energy transformation, Biden administration ramps up efforts to extract rare earth minerals ...

  • About Us | Allegiance Coal Limited

    In more recent times, he has assumed executive management positions in some very large and significant producers of coal in the United States including having formerly served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Xinergy Ltd, a Toronto TSX Listed public company, producing up to 3Mtpa of metallurgical and thermal coal; Chief Operating ...

  • Records of the U.S. Bureau of Mines | National Archives

     · Textual Records: Records of Frederick G. Tryon, Chief of the Coal and Coke Statistics Section, 1900-36, principally relating to the coal strike of 1922. Coal mine production tables ("Fielding Data"), 1925-35. Employment and accident tables for metal mines, coal mines, coke ovens, quarries, and metallurgical plants, 1910-40 (129 volumes).

  • Dept of Mines Minerals and Energy

    e-Forms Centers. Submit electronic forms online to each of our divisions. View reports, lookup certifications, and much more… Mapping Center. Provides public access to information and data related to energy resources, mining operations, geologic features, and abandoned mines more…

  • Mineral County, Nevada Mines – Western Mining History

    All 916 mines in Mineral County, Nevada. 1905 Mine. 4 D Claims. 4-D Group. Ackerman Mine. Ackerman Mine. Acme Copper Mine. Acme Group. Aline Tunnel.

  • MRC Board

    Minerals Refining Company is steered by Prominent veterans of the mining industry. CRAIG L. MASSEY President at Massey, LC; former Vice Chairman at Evan Energy Investments and Chairman of Inter-American Coal; owned and operated a natural gas company in the eastern United States and co-owned and co-operated a chain of grocery stores and a computer software programming company.

  • Non-Coal Mining

    Contact Information: Molly Michaelson, [email protected], Division Chief of Minerals, Oil and Gas, at 410-537-3568, 1800 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21230

  • Coal | Minerals Education Coalition

    Coal. Coal is one of the world''s major sources of energy. Coal is used to produce nearly one third of all the electrical energy that is generated and used in the United States. Coal is a very complex and diverse energy resource that can vary greatly, even within the same deposit.

  • Industrial Minerals

    Noncoal/Industrial Minerals Mining. ''Noncoal'' is any mined commodity that isn''t coal or peat. These minerals are also referred to as "nonfuel minerals" or "industrial minerals". The most common noncoal mines in Pennsylvania produce "aggregate" (hard granular material used in …

  • US plans to spend big on critical minerals; choosing where ...

     · In 2019, the U.S. Geological Survey published a study concluding that it was too hard to free rare earths from coal ash on a commercial scale and that there weren''t enough minerals in coal …

  • Paul Vining

    Chief Executive Officer at Minerals Refining Co The Plains, ia, United States ... Development of two Canadian coal mines: Donkin in Nova Scotia, and Coalspur/Vista …

  • Mineral Matter, What''s in Coal? Kentucky Geological Survey ...

     · Mineral Matter. Coal also contains minerals, which mostly occur as inorganic crystalline and noncrystalline particles or masses. A coal seam may consist of as much as 50 percent minerals. At more than 50 percent mineral matter, the rock would be termed a carbonaceous shale rather than coal. Most mined coals are less than 20 percent mineral ...

  • Leadership | Ramaco Resources

    John C. Marcum - Chief Accounting Officer. John Marcum has extensive accounting experience in the coal industry through his work over the past 25 years at various publicly traded coal companies. Prior to joining Ramaco in 2018 as Controller, Mr. Marcum served as Vice President of Accounting for Alpha Natural Resources.

  • National Coal Board: Chief Mining Engineer | Nature

    THE National Coal Board has appointed Prof. Douglas HMT to be chief mining engineer to the Board. Prof. Hay is president of the Institution of Mining Engineers and honorary professor of mining in ...

  • Kevin S. Crutchfield

    Mr. Crutchfield has more than 30 years of mining experience. Prior to joining Compass Minerals, Mr. Crutchfield served as CEO and member of the board of directors of Alpha Metallurgical Resources Inc. (f/k/a Contura Energy Inc.), a publicly traded, leading coal …

  • Compass Minerals

    Prior to joining Compass Minerals in 2019, Mr. Crutchfield served as CEO and member of the board of directors of Contura Energy, Inc., a publicly traded, leading coal supplier, since the company''s inception in 2016. Previously, he served as chairman (from 2012 to 2016) and CEO (from 2009 to 2016) of Alpha Natural Resources, Inc., a coal producer.

  • CSIR

    B.Sc ( Engg.) Honours, M.S, PhD ( Mechanical Engg.) Research Expertise: Design, Development of mineral processing equipment,Process flowsheet development,Basic Engineering, Dry processing of coal/iron ore. Contact Address: CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar E-mail:[email protected] Phone: 06742300265 (Res) Mobile: 9437301317 Personal File: people_personal_doc_1568354017.pdf

  • Energy and Minerals | Bureau of Land Management

    energy and minerals Sustainable development The BLM supports a sustainable energy approach, which includes oil and gas, coal, strategic minerals, and renewable energy resources such as wind, geothermal and solar—all of which may be developed on public lands and subject to free markets.

  • Mineral industry of Peru

    The mineral industry provides a major source of economic growth in Peru''s national development. In 2006, Peru occupied a leading position in the global production of the following mineral commodities: fourth in arsenic trioxide, third in bismuth, third in copper, fifth in gold, fourth in lead, fourth in molybdenum, fourth in rhenium, first in silver, third in tin, and third in zinc.

  • Coal Composition

    Mineral matter in the coal may increase the ash content of the coal, which in turn affects the gas content and adsorption capacity analyses. In order to avoid the different conditions of analyses and determine an accurate relationship between coal quality and gas content and adsorption capacity, mistake-free handling of coal samples is paramount.

  • BHP announces appointments to Executive Leadership Team

     · BHP Chief Executive Officer Mike Henry has announced new appointments to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). The appointments include two new roles (Chief Technical Officer and Chief Development Officer) to support the company''s ambition to become safer, lower cost and more productive, and to develop a portfolio that is fit for the future with opportunities for long-term growth.

  • South Africa: Mining, Minerals and Fuel Resources

    The mineral industry provides a major source of economic growth in Peru''s national development. In 2006, Peru occupied a leading position in the global production of the following mineral commodities: fourth in arsenic trioxide, third in bismuth, third in copper, fifth in gold, fourth in lead, fourth in molybdenum, fourth in rhenium, first in silver, third in tin, and third in zinc.